M.M. - radiowaves, computer processing
[s] - guitar, synth, cosmic vibrations & radiowaves
Recorded in winter 2007 - winter 2008,
Mixed by [s], mastered by М.M. at Base Station

Kryptogen Rundfunk

label: Sill*Sleep CDR11

format: CDR

Совместная работа двух отечественных музыкантов-экспериментаторов, записанная по принципу мэйл-арт коллаборации. KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK подготовил звуковой холст, собранный из переработанных на компьютере радиочастот, а SISTER LOOLOMIE раскрасил его тонированными гитарными переборами, сэмплами космических вибраций и мелодическими синтезаторными линиями. В итоге получился один неспешный получасовой ambient/noise трек, в котором назойливые резонансы сочетаются с глитчевыми цифровыми эффектами, неагрессивные шумы - с долгими пространными гулами, повторяющиеся петли и сэмплы - с воздушными мелодиями...


M.M., also known as Kryptogen Rundfunk played a great set of electronic music with at times earpiercing waves and then more subtle tones at other occasions. Here he teams up with [s], the man from Moscow whom we best know as Five Elements Music, a refined master of drone music, but who apparently works under many guises, and Sister Loolomie is one of them. I guess this is a sort of guise to work inside more noisy textures of music, even when he is credited on the cover for guitar, synth, cosmic vibrations and radiowaves, whereas M.M. plays radiowaves and computer processing. Winter music this is indeed as this is a piece (one track, thirty minutes, only) of piercing cold electronics, which towards the very end shows a bit of spring time. Having said that, it may sound negative, but its not. This is actually a great piece, in which the harsher sounds prevail at one point, but things never go over the top and the two know how to cut back their sound and start working again from a softer perspective. A great combination of harsher sounds and more ambient textures. Winter in Russia is hard and these two provide the soundtrack for a long winter evening. Even when its june and the sun is high and mighty. Great work.