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format: CD

label: Daphnia Records ph12


Новый альбом подмосковного Exit In Grey - и первый релиз на "фабричном" CD! Два длинных трека, выдержанных в классическом для проекта стиле: неспешный эмбиент с лёгкими меланхоличными гитарными дронами и мелодиями, загадочными радиочастотами, плёночными шумами и артефактами, петлями полевых записей и найденных звуков.


New album of the Russian project Exit In Grey - and their first release on a "factory-pressed" CD! Two long tracks in their classic style: slowmotion ambient with light melancholic guitar drones and melodies, mysterious radio frequencies, tape noises and artifacts, loops of field recordings and found sounds

Drone Records

Exit In Grey's impressionist driftscaping continues to broadcast darkly beautiful, animistic apparitions from the taiga of Mother Russia. As we've mentioned before, Exit In Grey is the work of one Sergey [S] Suhkov who sometimes works under this moniker with an enigmatic character granted with the name (S), though it seems that (S) has parted ways with [S] for reasons unknown. The mystery to the authorship of Exit In Grey is by design as their may be many forces, elements, dimensions, psychic energies, and parapsycological reverberations that are communing with Exit In Grey to achieve the emotionally resonant dronemuzik found in their ongoing body of work. Perception slowly unfolds over two lengthy tracks, each clocking in around 27 minutes flush with ghostly loops, harmonic wash and analogue drone girding the ebb and flow of various cycles from guitar chords delicately generating melancholy melodies all bathed in reverb, tangles of forest-born sound objects which might as well hail from the overgrown ruins at Chernobyl, oceanic field recordings of ominous tidal churn, and shortwave receptions of hiss, electric hum, crackle, and disembodied voice. The slow pacing of Exit In Grey's poetic electronics reminds us of that Motion Sickness Of Time Travel series of Moon Ballades. Yeah, beautiful stuff.

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