1. One Lumen In The Past 16:28
2. Old Letters And Visions 12:36
3. Whispers Time 11:23 

format: CD ltd. 300

label: frozen light 039

Frozen Light presents "One Lumen In The Past" – a new album by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Time runs forward, inexorably carrying us into the darkness of the forthcoming Unknown. But sometimes our path is illuminated by short and bright flashes – flashes of light from our Past. Memory helps us not to get lost, and the Past itself gives us hope and support, because it is devoid of our death. But the Past is already dead and we're not yet... Only flashes... "One Lumen is In The Past" is based on Memory of the space around us, inspiring and charging. Melancholic and anxious Drone / Ambient in the best traditions of Exit In Grey.

released May 3, 2016


Originally Exit In Grey was a duo of Stanislav Wolkow and Serge Suhovik, but these days it is just the latter, and you might know him from his other work as (S), [S], Five Elements Music, Radioson, Redhouse, Black Deal With Snow, Candyman And Evil Flowers and Sister Loolomie. There are actually differences between all of these projects (well, as far as I heard them, which is not all), but it's safe to say (I guess!) that it's all to be found in the world of drones and atmospheres. I only heard a few of his Exit In Grey releases (Vital Weekly 913 and 555) and with the last one I thought Suhovik was aiming for a bit more melody in the musical mind of this particular moniker, but listening to these three pieces on 'One Lumen In The Past', I must say I am not convinced by that melodic edge still being part of the new pieces. Exit In Grey uses prepared guitar, radio, violin, flute, field recordings, mini piano, harmonica, voice and effects, and I would think that the latter is the most important feature of the release, as you can feed as little or as much to effects as Exit In Grey does and none of the instruments will be easily recognized when served after the full effect treatment. Everything is spaced out, extended, sustaining, long form sound waves, and very occasionally, such as in 'Whispers Time' one recognizes the guitar. It is music that Suhovik also does as Five Elements Music, his other project that I heard some of. This is all quite dark and heavily drone based, and as such not something we haven't heard before, but the end result is quite good. Sturdy, serious drone music, just as we love them on a grey day.